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There are chat rooms for many programming languages, APIs and tools you use every day.

Easy to use

Because of its simple design, everyone can use easily. is in BETA here's our to-do list

  • Migrate from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 Done!
  • Make a "trending" Section on the Dashboard Done!
  • Make a list with all chat rooms for the landing page Done!
  • Make a more beatiful "log-in-to-view-this-chat-room"-page Done!
  • Add a "verified"-Badge to verified accounts Done!
  • Emoji-Picker (next to the message input) Done!
  • Option to delete Messages
  • Link previews below the messages
  • Clickable Hashtags with a Hashtag Search (local/global)

Made for you was made for developers & designers

Developers is perfect for developers: There are chat rooms for many APIs and programming languages! Also, you can post code-snippets with Markdown!

Designers is great for designers too: There are chat rooms for many different design programms! And you can format your Messages with stylish Markdown!

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